Private Locate Education

One-Call of Wyoming, Inc. does not provide nor perform the actual locate of registered private underground utilities. One-Call of Wyoming, Inc. only provides THE NOTICE of intended excavations to registered underground facility owners when notified by the excavator.

BE AWARE there may be privately owned utilities within your intended dig area. Private utilities are those utilities owned by the owner of the property and those WILL NOT be marked when you contact the Wyoming 811 center. It is your responsibility, as the excavator, to have private utilities located. You can view a list of companies who have self-identified as being able to perform locates for privately owned utilities in the state of Wyoming, sorted by county on our website. This list is not an all-inclusive nor competent ranking list of private locate companies in the state.

**One-Call of Wyoming, Inc. does not endorse nor certify any registered or unregistered private locate company.


Private Locate Companies:

1st Call Locates, LLC
(307) 746-2276
Counties served: All Counties

Badger Daylighting

(303) 968-8129
Counties served: All Counties

Blew & Associates, P.A.

(888) 933-2111
Counties served: All Counties

Cowboy Locating LLC

(307) 760-1457
Counties served: All Counties

Firewise Landscapes, Inc.

(307) 732-3986
Counties served: Lincoln, Sublette, Teton


Front Range Line Services, LLC

(970) 978-6969
Counties served: Albany, Laramie


Glines Electric LLC
(605) 375-3344
Counties served: All Counties

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems
(307) 214-4402
Counties served: All Counties


Have T0 Dig Locate Services
(307) 343-6425
Counties served: Albany, Carbon

Line Finders, LLC

(307) 685-8354
Counties served: All Counties

Magic Valley Private Utility Locates

(208) 358-2351
Counties served: All Counties


Nunn Utility Locating, LLC

(307) 377-0096
Counties served: All Counties

The Locators, LLC

(307) 272-4335
Counties served: Albany, Big Horn, Fremont, Hot Springs, Johnson, Laramie, Natrona, Park, Sheridan, Sublette, Teton, Washakie


(307) 256-2062
Counties served: All Counties

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